Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cali's First Easter 2008!


Colby and Emily said...

I love the slideshow! And I noticed that you finally got Cali's hair in pigtails- how cute!!!

Colby and Emily said...

Hey Jenny!
I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you on my blog. You can go to my blog to find out what to do. Have fun! :)

Kyle said...

Hi Jenny...I knew Scott in High School and found your blog through Meghans...we actually met at your reception (surprised you don't remember me...just kidding).
Anyway, you guys have such an adorable family. Tell Scott I said hi! And Congrats on the new residency in Michigan!

The Price Family said...

Hey Jenny,
Cute pictures. Cali is adorable! She looks a lot like you.
So, I don't have a music player on my blog, I just added music to my slide show. Next time you make one of these slide shows you can pick a song to go with it.
Someday I may get around to putting a music player on so I can add lots of my favorite songs, but until then I just took the easy way!
Are you excited to have Sara back up there? We were sad to hear they were moving. Now I need a new visiting teacher!