Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter week!

The Saturday before Easter our ward had a fun egg hunt for the kids at the church and it was just a beautiful day outside!

Our kids have been loving riding thier bikes all around the neighborhood.

For family night tonight, we talked about how we came to earth to gain a body, and Isaac jumped up right away and pulled down his pants and underwear and stuck out his bum right in front of Scotty, and said, "Here's my
body Daddy, here's my body!" We could not stop laughing after that.
Adam is getting so big now! I can't believe how he keeps up with Cali and Isaac already. He is such a sweetie too, and will get sad when his siblings are sad, and will just start laughing when they do, even though he doesn't even know what's so funny.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter egg hunting....

I think I had too much fun shopping at Walmart for Easter coming up. Everything looked so fun and colorful. With the plastic eggs I bought at the store, the kids practiced finding Easter eggs around the house for fun and then got to do the real thing at our local park. There was face painting, crafts, an egg hunt, farm animals to pet, the Easter bunny was there, and the kids got to hug Tigger. They were excited about that one. Then Conference was a lot more enjoyable this year because I was able to listen better. The kids were much better at being quiet, I was so proud.
Cali asked me if there was conference tomorrow too, and when I replied no, she shouted for joy. She said it was boring. Oh well, I know she will eventually enjoy it.
Isaac is officially potty trained! I am so excited to be done changing his diapers. He is so big now and I can't believe how much he has grown and how much he is talking! It's amazing.