Sunday, October 31, 2010


Getting ready to go trick or treating with friends!

Cali: Sleeping Beauty
Isaac: Horse

There's the crew that went Saturday night to fill up their bags

Isaac's horsey face

Princess's forever

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My day........

I just love to see three year olds play dress ups!

When you stay home all day it seems like the longest day ever. What else could I have done with my kids today.......
This is what we did:
played with.... dress ups
the swing in basement
watched my friends kids for awhile
colored with crayons
watched Mulan and other cartoons on
had plenty of snacks
worked on Cali's preschool workbook
danced around to fun songs
talked on the phone with cousins
and other than the usual making meals, bathing, dressing, wiping bums, and cleaning up messes, I think I can call this a day! Isn't being a young mom and playing with your little ones just so much fun!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Leaves are falling all around......

Scotty and I drove to a spot to pick leaves and take pictures. The kids loved the horses the best. Michigan is so beautiful in the fall, I love it!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Family in town!!

Cali was so excited to have her Grandma Jones, Aunt Sara, and two cousins, Brielle and Brooke to come and stay with us for awhile! The weather was perfect and beautiful every day! We enjoyed going to the Apple Orchard in Plymouth and visiting the animals, going on a hay ride, picking a pumpkin, and drinking their yummy apple cider!

Carving pumpkins time with cousins is always the best!

We sure will miss having our family around and was so glad to have them stay with us. When Brielle was telling Cali that she was going to have to go now back to Arizona, Cali gave her a hug and said, it's ok Brielle, I will still love you!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Isaac update

Isaac is getting so big now, I can't believe how much he's grown!
He runs all day and sleeps all night. I love him so much! He makes me laugh all the time with his energy and fun loving spirit!
Isaac is 22 months old soon to be two in December!

Isaac weighs almost as much as his sister.......

He is so busy all the time doing something.
I also know that he should listen to his mommy when she says come here, but that really never works yet. Oh, when will it I wonder. My hope is before his little brother comes out.

His favorites are.....
cheese crisps and salsa
teasing his sister
running away from mom
daddy playing monster with him
drinking applejuice
being outside!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Excited about Halloween!

Cali wants to be Sleeping Beauty.
Isaac doesn't care.
The weather has been beautiful!
Don't want it to get too cold.

Cali and Isaac are playing better together.
Cali will say hi to her brother now.
Hoping it gets even better!

Isaac can say:
Where'd it go?
There it is
Want swing
Want juice
All done
lets go
where car?
Peek a boo
Mama, where are you?
Dadda go?