Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cali is getting older

I need to start writing more of what this little girl of mine says, because it just makes me laugh.

Cali: I am going to beat you up the stairs!
Mom: Let's do it!
Cali: who won? (like she didn't know)
Mom: You did.
Cali: (singing) you didn't win
Mom: I don't care if I don't win
Cali: Mom, you care!

And who said she could start bossing me around?
Yesterday we were playing together and when she had to go to the bathroom she said, "mom you feed the baby (doll) while I go potty. And while she was on the toilet she yells, "Are you still feeding her"?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Scotty!

Here we are eating chocolate chip cookies for Scotty's birthday! Friday night we went out to PF Changs! It was so yummy again and we have enjoyed going out and having a night with just the two of us! This weekend with we have enjoyed watching movies on the new clear play Scotty got for his birthday! It's been lot's of fun.

Yes, my sweet partner in crime has turned 31 years old. I can't believe that. We have been married for five years already and I don't feel like we've quite hit the thirties. My dear husband has been the best to me these five years of marriage! He really is the coolest guy I know who can......

-talk to anybody about anything and everything
-fix anything around the house without complaining
-bake delicious homemade bread
-pick out a cute outfit for me
-have fun making dinner with me
-enjoy reading a good book
-get excited about giving a talk in church and speak very well
-come home from a long day at the hospital and still help me clean up the kitchen
-talk on the phone with family for hours
-make jerky for me when I am craving it
-come with me on a date night every Friday night to keep up our close relationship!

I love you Scotty!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cali's preschool class!

Cali was so excited to be with all her friends again. After preschool this last week Cali said, "We did so much today"! She was just beaming and loved every minute of it! Good job Angie!

Looking back.....

Isaac at one and a half....

three months.....

Cali at three... Two....

three months.....
As I look back on my journey of Motherhood, I can't help but smile when I see my two sweet children that Heavenly Father has so willingly given into my hands to nurture. They are still so young, yet have learned so much already. Now that another boy is coming to the family in January, it makes me even more excited and anxious. I love children oh so much!!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Boating with friends!

Thanks Angie, for taking us on your cool boat!

My friend Angie on the wake board! Whohoo!

Scotty's turn, oh baby!
Trying it with Isaac, he wanted to go with Daddy so bad! Isaac had no fear what so ever, and just went out to be in the water with Dad. After awhile, Isaac got really cold and said, "Ma Ma". That's when Scotty knew to stop.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Preschool has started......

Cali has been awaiting this day for a very long time.

Just being kids!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Baby #3

The Salmon family is announcing that now we have a third bundle of joy on the way, and it's a............

Cheesecake ice cream baby!!

Well the Chinese Calendar said it was a boy.....
The ever accurate and scientific Ring Test said a boy (FOLLOWED BY GIRL, THEN BOY IF YOU ARE WONDERING)

So, we changed things around a little this time. It was Jenny's chance to find out first and order the ice cream. Well she has been craving cheesecake for awhile. So, we decided that Jenny would choose Cheesecake for either the boy or the girl, and she chose to follow the odds with the Chinese and the Ring. So this time, cheesecake is boy, sweet cream is girl. So, Isaac will have a brother, and Cali is hoping the ultrasound was wrong.

Cali will eventually realize how cute he is and love him to death!
Isaac didn't know what was going on but was loving the ice cream and licked every last drop off the table.

We are excited here in Michigan!!!