Saturday, October 4, 2008

New things that Cali can do!

I have been wanting to post all the fun things Cali has been learning lately and I always forget, so I am finally going to post a couple things I think are too cute!
Well, I have been trying to help Cali eat with a spoon recently and I think she's finally got it!
And here she is cheating!
Cali has also been doing so good at coloring in her coloring book and it keeps her entertained for awhile! She was coloring a page with me one day and decided she wanted the color I was using and so she traded her crayon for mine. It was so cute!

I just had to post Cali's first braid. She actually has a little more hair to be able to braid it!


Katie and Tim Zack said...

I wish my son would color by himself crayons are off limits for him still.

She is so cute. I love that girl!

Sheldon Jen & Ryanne said...

I can't believe her hair is long enough for a braid! Ryanne's is barely long enough for pigtails.

Katie Zack said...

Let's do something with the kiddos tomorrow! I have nothing going on.

Angie said...

I love the braid!!! I swear Cali is just a really short 5 year old! She is so smart and cute!!