Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's been snowing!

Yes, Michigan's true colors have finally appeared so that the Salmons can fully enjoy Michigan weather. Of course everyone tells us that this month isn't even the coldest! The snow isn't even half as bad as the wind blowing across your face. I hope everyone at home in Arizona are enjoying their winter!


Kerri said...

That makes me cold just looking at it, Jenny! Ha ha I'll bottle up some warm and send it to ya! :)

Sara Cotter said...

When Brielle saw the picture of the snow she said "Oh my! I want to go Michigan!" Brielle loves looking at your blog. I showed her it today and she was having fun looking at Calli decorate the Christmas tree and thought it was cute that Calli was kissing the dolls. About twice a week Brielle says she misses you and wishes you would come back.

Spencer and Jessica Drew said...

oh wow! i couldn't handle the snow like that!