Friday, February 13, 2009

My favorite people in the world!

What a wonderful husband and father we have in our family. He is such a great help when he is home! I love him so much!
Cali is learning to brush her teeth well, and now that she knows how to reach the sink, she asks to brush her teeth all the time.
Cali loves her little brother Isaac.
She had to put on every single bracelet she had.
All ready for church!


Zack Family said...

Boston sure misses Cali! Cant wait to play when we get home.

Megan said...

Cali looks adorable in those pigtails! I also like the spit-up or drool marks on Scott's shirt:D Such a cute family!

Amber said...

Isaac is looking so cute-I love the smiling pics.

Angie said...

Look at those pigtails!!! SO CUTE! And I can't believe Isaac is 2 months old already! Wow!

Sara Cotter said...

Hi Jenny! Does your family seem kind of big now that you have two little ones?