Sunday, May 10, 2009

Spring is here!

It has been too much fun this week spending time outside since the weather has been beautiful!!!

Isaac had rice cereal for the first time, and this was his reaction!


Spencer and Jessica Drew said...

that top picture is so adorable, it looks like a professional took it!

The Caple Crew said...

haha! That picture is too cute of him spitting it out! I haven't given Austin any rice cereal yet but probably will soon.

Sara Cotter said...

Wow who took your pictures? They were good. I can't wait to see you in a few days! Brielle has a count down on her calendar.

Brimley Family said...

Issac is growing so fast! He looks like Scotty. Are you guys going to be at Taryn's wedding?

Isn't it so nice after living in snow when the weather is nice enough to go outside! You can tell when Spring comes in our neighborhood because EVERYONE is outside after hibernating all winter long!

Peck Family said...

Im so happy to find your blog!!
look at you guys you are all so cute! I miss you!

Lara said...

fun pictures...I love spring!