Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Week....

Included a fun joyschool on Thursday where I attempted to have the kids make sugar cookie hearts.......

but just ended up with a mess full of dough. The dough was so sticky and I couldn't get them to mold, but that's ok, we still had fun getting messy.

We a had a fun valentine lunch after joyschool and I have to say that I have some great friends who make some yummy food! Lot's of snow had fallen this week and it didn't really bother me this time, because I just thought it looked beautiful.

And Cali was being so responsible with her chart that she loves to point out what we forgot to do that day.

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The Caple Crew said...

That snow IS beautiful!

Ooo, I want to hear more about Cali's chart! What is it for?