Friday, May 21, 2010

Our family vacation 2010

Our little family went on our first vacation to see some church history sites while living in Michigan. We first went to Ohio, stopped at the Toledo Zoo and then continued driving to Kirtland.

We then stopped to see the Kirtland Temple and enjoyed looking inside to see how it was built.

This is the upstairs room of Newel K. Whitney's storehouse where they had the school of the prophets and where the word of wisdom revelation was given.


Shauna said...

We visited there on our way from NC to CA and totally loved it. So pretty! If only that temple was OURS! :)

R.C + T.S said...

Jen- I can't believe how big Isaac is! He finally has hair... I'm so glad you and Scott got to take your fam on a much needed vacation. It looks like you guys had a blast!

tiffhulme said...

Jen- It looks like you guys had so much fun. It is so beautiful and green! I am so happy that you had an uninterrupted weekend with Scotty! love ya!