Monday, November 15, 2010

Cali at three.......

The other day I gave Cali her dinner plate and she looked at it, rested her head on her hand, and said, "oh yuckers".

Today I was explaining to Cali that my friend Angie will be taking her to preschool in the morning and she said, "oh, is it because her car is bigger and the fastest?"

I had been explaining to Cali about Heavenly Father's plan for us lately and I think she has it down because she asked me the other day, "where will we go first mom, live back in AZ with our cousins or live with Jesus in Heaven?"

I know there are plenty more that I can't remember now. She just says the cutest things all the time and I just love that little three year old so so much. I really don't want her to get any older. I love how she is always telling stories that she likes to make up with her imagination and sings random songs about nothing. She always wants to know the schedule of the day and when she can invite a friend over. She is learning to play with Isaac a little better now the he is getting older and he just adores playing with her and teasing her when she doesn't give him attention.
She loves going to church to see her friends and loves to explain to me what she learns in nursery and preschool! She is my angel.


tiffhulme said...

Jen- The kiddos are seriously adorable and we miss you guys so much. Cali is getting so big and cute and Issac is such a little Scotty. It's so fun to see and hear about them. We love you!

syrell salmon said...

i miss that little girl. she sounds like a doll...those stories gave me a good chuckle. love and miss you guys!!

R.C + T.S said...

Okay, kids really say the darndest things! How cute is Cali!!! I can't believe she is getting so big and a smart little thing at that- I love that she loves to know the schedule of the day; it sounds like an oldest child attribute to plan and be organized even at such an early age. I love it!