Thursday, July 21, 2011

Swimming all summer long.....

Adam is all ready to swim waiting for his brother and sister. He really loves the pool and just laughs and kicks his legs when we get in together!

Here we are on our way to the pool. It really takes us about 45minutes to get all three ready and finally out the door.

Cali took swim lessons from an amazing swim teacher named Rachel, and now she is swimming with out her floaties all over the pool! I love it, minus the "Watch me mommy" every ten seconds.

Isaac could be at the pool all day long and never realize that I have left with Cali and Adam. He just swims all over with his floaties and loves to find other kids' toys to play with. He also forgets when I take his floaties off and will jump right in and not even know that he had just drowned. He is so funny!

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