Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Scotty!

I made Scotty one of his favorite dinners, lettuce wraps, and his favorite German chocolate cake for dessert!
The kids were so excited to say happy birthday when dad got home from work. Right after Cali yelled Happy Birthday, Isaac jumped up as said, "surprise"! It was so cute to see how excited he was! Cali had been drawing Dad pictures for his birthday for a week now. And was so excited to give him her present. My favorite part about birthdays is to see how excited the kids get!
Scotty is now 32 years old! We are all so very excited to have him around. We can't get enough of his time at home and I feel blessed to have him be my husband, friend, and the father of our children! We love you Scotty!

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JJ and Kimberly Taylor said...

Hey Jenny, sound like you guys are doing great. So it looks like we will all be in Warren, Michigan on November 3rd-4th. JJ has an interview there, and if the kiddos are doing good we will join him on the little trip. If it works out we would love to see you guys and besides my parents you guys will be some of the first family to see our new little guy that will be joining us no later than next Tuesday. Well we will keep in touch and hopefully see you guys soon!! You can email me directly at jktaylor29@gmail.com