Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My KIDS are my life!

This is Adam's classic scrunch face.

Adam is crawling everywhere these days, in the bathrooms, into the toilets, rolling down the toilet paper, crawling up the stairs, and even climbing on top of the little kids table. He even has his first tooth finally growing in. I love Adam's cute faces that he makes and when he scrunches up his nose. His laugh is contagious, and he loves to be chased now. Adam sleeps all through the night and takes a nice two hour nap in the morning and an hour nap in the afternoon. He absolutely loves food, and would love to eat all day long if he could. He even loves to eat the wood chips at the park like Isaac loved at this age too.

Isaac is doing so good at potty training so far, I am crossing my fingers that he continues to love going in the potty. He will even go when I don't know and come running to say that he gets another candy. Yes, he gets to choose a piece of his Halloween candy every time he goes in the potty. I always find a little pee on the floor because he misses still, but hey, at least it's close to the toilet. Tonight, right before he was going to go to bed, he took off his diaper three times to go pee in the toilet all by himself. I couldn't believe it.

He is growing up. Even though he still speaks in two word sentences, and sometimes three, he is still my smart boy! After getting tubes put in his ears, he has been talking a lot more. How he pronounces his words are still hard to understand and very unclear. I am having a speech therapist evaluate him. I am really excited to see some progress coming especially since he will be in sunbeams in January. Isaac is just so lovable! He is always quick to forgive, say sorry, and share. I am so blessed to have him in my family!

Cali has wanted to grow up to be a fairy when she was three, then to be a ballerina when she started dance class, and now it's a cake decorator. She loves to spend time coloring, learning, playing house with her friends, and finding new outfits to wear. Oh, and we can't forget how much she loves to bake with her Mom and Dad.

She really loved helping me make cupcakes for the Halloween party! She is definitely a GIRL!

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