Monday, November 5, 2012

Voting day!

It's exciting we all get to vote tomorrow for the president.  We have been having fun talking as a family about it lately and Cali is way into it.  It's so cute to hear her talk about it, as she says, "It's just not fair if Obama gets to be president again, and Romney hasn't had a chance yet." Then when Cali came home from school today she told Scotty, "Dad, I have bad news. Really bad news. Obama is going to win because our class voted today and Obama won."  We will all have to just see and find out tomorrow what happens!

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Emily Cirac said...

Jenny! I just figured out how to comment on blogs and its my new favorite thing!! I love seeing all your pictures of these cute kiddos and I can't believe how big they are all getting! Cali is growing up so fast and she is just too dang pretty! I miss you all