Saturday, May 18, 2013

What's happenin in May?

 Well, for starters, these two cute boys sure keep me busy.  I can hardly catch up to where they go, and what they get into.  Adam lately has shown me that he has a mind of his own.

 And then we have this duo.  These poor kids have been sick this past week.  I felt bad because they both wanted Mommy to hold them all day.

 It has been a lot of blowing noses, taking temperatures, giving medicine, and trips to the pediatrician.

We have to get a bath picture.  Maylee loves her baths!

I have been loving the weather this spring, and the boys can't get enough of playing outside. That is the neighbor girl that lives behind our house, and it's so cute to hear Isaac say, "Oh that girl is all by herself, I will play with her."
It's so funny when kids will just say anything out loud.  I was at Wendy's a couple of weeks ago, and there were these workers sitting behind our table right behind Isaac.  Then Isaac kept saying, "What's that smell", "Mommy, what's that smell?" Then he turned and said really loud, "Those guys stink". I was so embarrased because I know they heard. 
Then today we were at the park, and Isaac walks into the boys bathroom, and then right out and says really loud , "Mom, that's not the boys bathroom, there is a girl in there."  Right then a Man walks out with long hair held back in a pony tail. What can you do?
Also, today we had a fun bbq outside with our friends and Isaac learned how to ride his bike with out 
 training wheels on!  Wahoo, go Isaac!
 Maylee learned how to roll over this week! She also loves to play with her feet.  And, put her hole fist in her mouth.  It's so cute!


syrellashphotography said...

maylee is the CUTEST LITTLE THING EVER!! i am soo excited for you guys to be my neighbors!! can't wait!!

syrellashphotography said...
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Emily Cirac said...

I can't believe how big these kiddos are getting! I heard you guys are going to be in Utah this summer!!