Thursday, June 13, 2013

My little Graduate!

Cali has graduated from Kindergarten and is quite proud of it!  She has really grown so much this year as she learned how to read and write paragraphs all by herself!  Her teacher told me at graduation today that  the superintendent came to their class and she had to show off Cali's writing to her. Cali wants to be an author and I think she would be a great one!  We are so proud of our Cali girl!
There are two weeks left here in Michigan and I am started to feel the pressure of moving.  There is so much to do and yet and I don't even feel that stressed about it yet.  I can't quite grasp this big change that will soon be here.  We have been enjoying swimming lately as well.  Adam had his first drowning experience.  My friend Heather is a faster swimmer than I and so I yelled her name really loud and she swam in and saved my sweet 2 year old that jumped right in the pool with out his floaties. Thanks Heather!

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