Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Birthday TIFFANY!

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Scotty and I wanted to say Happy Birthday to our sister Tiffany who is such a wonderful example to so many people! Here are the top five reasons why we love Tiff!

5. She always has a great suggestion up her sleeve because she is so thoughtful and loves to help out with all she can.

4. She brought the couscous recipes into our lives!

3. When Tiff comes to visit, we know we are going to have fun, fun, fun!

2. She will always find us great buys at garage sales!

1. We know she will bring us a girl cousin for Cali to play with!!!!!!!!!

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Bethany said...

I like your blog Jenni. :) Cali is so cute! Keep up the posts. I'll have to keep checking it out. :)