Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I've been tagged!

My Joys......

1. Feeling the Spirit is pure joy and you never want it to go away.

2. Spending time with my sweet husband and darling little Cali!

3. Getting together with family and friends!

My Fears.....

1. Being alone

2. Enduring extreme physical pain

3. Bees

My current obsessions.....

1. Blogging

2. Eating new foods other than the same old things

3. Finding fun things to do this summer before it get's too cold!

Suprising facts.......

1. I used to travel on a jump rope team

2. I don't really have a sweet tooth

3. I secretly (at times) want to be the center of attention.

I tagged.....

1. Sara

2. Karlie

3. Angie


Katie and Tim Zack said...

You are so funny!! I better show you more attention huh?! Today was fun. We do need to make the most of our SUNNY days before it gets too cold.

Katie and Tim Zack said...

P.S. We should go jump roping one day!

Sara Cotter said...

"I secretly (at times) want to be the center of attention."
LOL secretly whatever. You know you always want to be center or attention. You tagged me!? I guess I'll play along.

Adrienne said...

Love learning more about you! It was so fun spending time with you today. We need to do it again VERY soon.

Jeff, Shannon and Rebekah said...

I loved learning more about you. It appears we have to chat more...I also grew up competing and traveling on a jumprope team!