Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cali gets smarter everyday.

Every day I ask Cali if she wants to go on the potty, and she says "no" , which is pretty much her normal response. Even if I say she can wear big girl's underwear like her friend Ali and any treat she wants, like gum, which is her new favorite, but i can't get her excited to try. I know she will get there eventually but really, how long do I need to change two kid's diapers everyday.
Well, the other day I asked if she had pooped and she said "no". I then checked and it was stinky, and I said, "Cali, you lied to me". She then replied, "Mom, I just teasing"! I had to laugh.

Isaac's new favorite spot, because Cali is always standing on this stool to watch me make dinner.


The Caple Crew said...

Seriously your kids are just the cutest things EVER!

Brad and Meghan Miner said...

That close up picture of Cali is precious. You need to frame that one! I can already tell Issac is going to be a little climber just like his cousin Elise!