Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our Cali princess..

Cali is now going on the potty and telling me when she has to go! I am so thrilled of her progress and she dances when Mommy is happy!

It has been so nice this week to have Scotty home for three days in a row. We spent much time shopping and playing with the kids during our break and Cali is talking so much more. She has started the (Why?) phase, asking questions left and right. The other day in the car I was talking to Cali about Heavenly Father and Jesus and how they can here us when we pray. She was asking me where they are and why can't she see them. Then she asked when are they coming? I then just said I don't know when Jesus will come again, why don't you ask them. She was silent for a minute and then we heard from the back of the car really loud, (Calling), "JESUS.......Where are you.....?". Scotty and I just smiled.

Today Scotty and I were talking about when residency is done and Scotty can start at a hospital in Az and we could tell that Cali was listening and wanting to join in the conversation as well. Cali then asked Scotty, "Why work"? We then said that Daddy needed to work to get money to buy food. Cali then said, "Yeah, and when I get hurt, I can go to the hospital and get money to buy food too". She is so cute!

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