Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My day........

I just love to see three year olds play dress ups!

When you stay home all day it seems like the longest day ever. What else could I have done with my kids today.......
This is what we did:
played with.... dress ups
the swing in basement
watched my friends kids for awhile
colored with crayons
watched Mulan and other cartoons on
had plenty of snacks
worked on Cali's preschool workbook
danced around to fun songs
talked on the phone with cousins
and other than the usual making meals, bathing, dressing, wiping bums, and cleaning up messes, I think I can call this a day! Isn't being a young mom and playing with your little ones just so much fun!

1 comment:

syrell salmon said...

its a good thing im not preggers, or i might be freaking out. haha. somehow i will love life? i know i will, but sometimes i wonder how.