Friday, July 25, 2008

Cali's LOVES!

Cali just loves to dip her hot dogs in ketchup! She says hi to all her family in Arizona.

Cali will sometimes go in the splash pad if the water is not splashing too hard.
Adriene and Angie both went with their little ones but my batteries went out before i could take a pic of all of us together.
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Katie and Tim Zack said...

Oh did you go? I should have called you to double check. Boston finally took a morning nap so I just let him. We will have to go together sometime for sure. How did cali like it?

Katie and Tim Zack said...

Lets go next week for sure! I was hoping you would want to go. It was so fun to watch him.

Katie and Tim Zack said...

Ok, so I heard about this other Splash Park its called Sprayscape its in plymouth. I think we should try it. It looks so much more fun than the other one.
Check it out. We should go this week for sure. Let me know!

Katie and Tim Zack said...
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