Thursday, July 31, 2008

Daddy's little girl

Isn't it so sweet when they are asleep. Cali has been missing Daddy during the days, and one day she saw a man that looked like daddy as we were heading out of the car into the house. She got so excited and said ''Daddy, Daddy". I felt bad as I walked in the house as she was screaming her head off because she thought I was leaving daddy outside.
Another time I told Cali as we were about to leave the swimming pool that Daddy would be there when we got home. Well, during the whole car ride, I kept hearing Cali sing, "Daddy Daddy", the whole way home. It was so cute and she is such a daddy's little girl!
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The Burnhams said...

Hi Jenny!
Sorry I haven't commented sooner, but I love your blog and your little daddy's girl! She is so precious. Where are you guys at right now? Did I miss the chance to get together with ya? Let me know and I'll talk to you soon!
Love, Karlie

Tami said...

Jenny- She's beautiful. I can't believe you live so far away now. Good luck with the pregnancy!