Thursday, July 10, 2008

Our new place!

We are finally here to stay for five
years in Michigan. Here is our cozy little
apartment in Canton. We love our Ward
and feel right at home already!

I love my Family!
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Amber said...

What a cute little house!!! It looks so cute and organized inside already --good job :-)

Sheldon Jen & Ryanne said...

Dang look at your girl, your place is all nice and decorated with curtains up and everything! We just bought a house and the only thing I have done so far is paint the living room and hang a clock! I need you here to help get this place put together! It looks so good! You have done a great job! Cali is getting so big! I miss having you and Amber around!

Katie and Tim Zack said...

I think your apartment is way cute! I wish you could come live by us though so we could play more!!