Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cali is getting older

I need to start writing more of what this little girl of mine says, because it just makes me laugh.

Cali: I am going to beat you up the stairs!
Mom: Let's do it!
Cali: who won? (like she didn't know)
Mom: You did.
Cali: (singing) you didn't win
Mom: I don't care if I don't win
Cali: Mom, you care!

And who said she could start bossing me around?
Yesterday we were playing together and when she had to go to the bathroom she said, "mom you feed the baby (doll) while I go potty. And while she was on the toilet she yells, "Are you still feeding her"?

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syrell salmon said...

haha that makes me laugh! i miss them. show them my picture so they remember me...:)