Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Scotty!

Here we are eating chocolate chip cookies for Scotty's birthday! Friday night we went out to PF Changs! It was so yummy again and we have enjoyed going out and having a night with just the two of us! This weekend with we have enjoyed watching movies on the new clear play Scotty got for his birthday! It's been lot's of fun.

Yes, my sweet partner in crime has turned 31 years old. I can't believe that. We have been married for five years already and I don't feel like we've quite hit the thirties. My dear husband has been the best to me these five years of marriage! He really is the coolest guy I know who can......

-talk to anybody about anything and everything
-fix anything around the house without complaining
-bake delicious homemade bread
-pick out a cute outfit for me
-have fun making dinner with me
-enjoy reading a good book
-get excited about giving a talk in church and speak very well
-come home from a long day at the hospital and still help me clean up the kitchen
-talk on the phone with family for hours
-make jerky for me when I am craving it
-come with me on a date night every Friday night to keep up our close relationship!

I love you Scotty!

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