Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cali + Mommy = LOVE

The other day I was on the computer with Cali and she always surprises me with what she can do already on the computer and I said, "Cali, you are so smart." Cali then replied, "You are just saying that Mommy." Where did she come up with that?

I always ask Cali if she will do me a favor, and then ask her to help me with something, usually putting something of hers away. Now, Cali asks me to do her a favor and then says something random that needs to be put away in the house. Who is the mom here?

I love the age of 4 years old, it is my favorite so far! Cali has been asking me questions all the time for quite awhile now, but she has recently started asking me more serious questions, like, where do babies come from. I told her that Heavenly Father brought her to me, and I'm pretty sure I will leave it at that for now.

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syrell salmon said...

good idea, but coming from a health educator, you have to make them feel comfortable asking you questions, and you being honest or else they'll ask someone else if they don't feel like they got the answer they were looking for...but im pretty sure she's still young enough :)